Inveno Engineering

Inveno Engineering leverages our real-world experience by providing Steam System Engineering Training classes. The classes are designed to provide practical knowledge that you can apply immediately at your plant. Our lead instructor has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of steam systems and is anxious to share his knowledge.

Training Classes

The training classes are structured so the attendees gain the most knowledge possible by working in teams on different steam system applications and situations. The training covers practical areas of steam systems such as new installations or upgrading existing steam and condensate systems. Other areas include eliminating problematic area in systems and determining opportunities to optimize your current system. The class is an informal setting so the attendees feel welcome to ask questions about their particular area of concern.

Customized Courses

You can select course topics to meet your specific interests from a class menu that covers a variety of subjects. Below is just a short list of the topics that we offer.


A. Steam System General Overview
B. Steam System Process Engineering and Design
C. Steam System Boiler Plant Management
D. Steam System Optimization
E. Steam System Food Processing


F. Steam System Chemical Plant
G. Steam System Refinery
H. Steam System Pulp and Paper
I. Steam System Waterhammer
J. Steam System Root Cause Analysis
K. Steam System Standard Operating Procedure Writing


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